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Well… At least my #IanCurtis shirt came in the mail♡🎶 #DigitalDeathAndGrime #BLESS @deladeso love all the work!!!
♡♡♡ #PROcrastinator  #WhyWasntItYou
Sailor & I Derpin in this Beautiful Weather #bless #S4800 ☽☼ ☮☯ॐ♡
Perfect tattoo weather k byye! ☽☼ ☮☯ॐ♡ #ItsBeenTooLong #BlessTheInk

I fell down some stairs on my ass.. Gnarly bruise from satan himself on my rear and now wearing pants is a Hell Nope. No but seriously I’m in hella pain. #Bless ♡

No doubt last summer played off extreme emotional spectrums, even still it allowed me to feel the most happiness I could imagine possible and that was hella cool. #SortOfFlashingBackOrWhatEvs ☽☼♡
Today I am 20.. And so far what i wonder most is.. Am I a woman from another place?
Tomorrow is my BornDay.. Appropriate gift ideas: Horchata, cash, Or Manga. Or just like say whaddup. ♡
Without a doubt, inherent opposition begrudges my heart. I don’t sleep much.
Cat eyes that cut.. #Bless ♡
Feelin’ hella tore back, tomorrow is my Friday. Thank fuck.
Monday is now my only day off, soo I’m totally not brushing my hair and I’m gonna watch as many  #Trigun episodes I possibly can. ♡
"In a culture known to glorify death, I reflect obsessed with life" ♡🎶
Lucius Foxx is an old lady now ♡
Yes I am a goddamn procrastinator, yes I have shorts on, yes that is a gigantic bruise obtained from running into my art easel. ♡ #shameful